Programs with Creative Behavioural Solutions are individualised to the needs of each individual. 

Every recommendation is written to meet the needs of the individual. The goal of any ABA program is to help each person work on skills that will help them become more independent and successful in the short term, as well as the long term. Every ABA program and recommendation will look different depending on the priorities of the program. For some it might be very structured and based at a table, while others are run in school or the community. As the individual progresses, programs will expand so that they may generalize their new skills to other settings. This could include parent training, community outings, or supervised play-dates. 

Every program or intervention, whether it is an ongoing program or a once off consultation will involve a 1 or 2 day assessment by our Behaviour Analysts. During this time they will meet the individual and work with them and those who support them to determine the best course of action for any program. They will customise the ABA program to each individual's skills, needs, interests, preferences and family situation. The Behaviour Analyst will then provide a list of recommendations which will include a set of goals and targeted objectives. Family and/or school goals and preferences are always included.Goals are developed based on the age and ability levels of the learner. 

They can include different areas, such as:

  • Communication and language skills
  • Social skills
  • Self-care skills (such as eating, showering and toileting)
  • Play and leisure skills
  • Motor skills
  • Learning and academic skills

Once recommendations have been developed we will train the team around the individual how to run and monitor progress.

The recommendation and programs break down target skills into small, precise, teachable steps. These are then taught one by one, from simple (e.g., imitating single sounds) to more complex (e.g., carrying on a conversation). Progress is measured through the collection of data to inform whether the individual is indeed learning what we want them to learn. Data help to monitor an individual’s progress toward their goals on an ongoing basis.  Parents, family members and caregivers receive training so they can support learning and skill practice throughout the day. The behaviour analyst regularly, as agreed, meets with family members and program staff to review information about progress. They can then plan ahead and adjust objectives and goals as needed. We will often use a variety of ABA methods, ensuring that the program is individualised. Some of these are directed by the instructor (e.g. a parent, teacher, tutor or BCBA) and others are directed by the learner themselves.      

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